ProtoView is a premium bibliographic database and metadata development service that provides a single source of authoritative information about scholarly works. Ringgold brings together title information from hundreds of scholarly publishers, which is then normalized and enhanced using best practices to add standardized metadata. When complete, the content is loaded to, and delivered to the network of discovery services that license ProtoView’s content. Our distribution network includes ProQuest, EBSCO, GOBI Library Solutions, Baker & Taylor, and Gale. Publishers using the ProtoView service know excellent, accessible information about their titles is readily available to decision-makers across the supply chain.
For each title, our professional writers create objective, non-critical abstract summaries designed to help individuals and search engines alike. Our production staff then add metadata elements, including keywords and complete bibliographic information, adhering to industry standards. Ringgold IDs are incorporated into the record for each title so subscribers may view information about the publisher contained in Ringgold’s Identify Database. The excellence of our data is a source of pride and a reflection of Ringgold’s commitment to the notion that clean data and standard identifiers are essential to the creation of data that is useful and meaningful in the supply chain.
For publishers, the ProtoView service provides great results for making sure each and every new title receives the right treatment to ensure quick and continued use and discovery throughout the supply chain. Subscribers benefit from the breadth of our database, which goes back to 1999 and is added to daily. Licensees rely on ProtoView as an outstanding source of new title content they can incorporate seamlessly into their myriad resources.

ProtoView provides:

•   Unbiased content summaries of academic books
•   Current, accurate coverage across formats
•   Standardized and detailed metadata essential to publishers and discovery services
•   Persistent and well-structured title information usable throughout the supply chain
•   A superb solution to ensure the visibility of content in DDA/PDA acquisitions
•   Flexible options for the addition of expanded metadata, including chapter summaries
•   Well-organized and user-friendly database for publishers to access their titles and for
    subscribers to discover new titles from a broad selection of English-language publishers