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For Researchers
For Publishers
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For Librarians and Researchers

ProtoView is a premium subscription service that enables you to find scholarly books in all formats based on their subject, publisher, content, title, author, publication date, format or ISBN. Each ProtoView provides a wealth of information and metadata about each title, including unbiased content summaries. To subscribe, please send an email to Pricing information is displayed in the Subscribe page on this site.

For Publishers

ProtoView is a comprehensive promotional service for scholarly and academic publishers. It provides professionally prepared title data to the largest network of data licensees and discovery platforms in the industry. Because we work with hundreds of publishers and focus on academic and scholarly works, our data is sought by serious book buyers as an aggregated discovery service for new and existing titles. ProtoView puts book information in the hands of the decision maker at the point of use and purchase. In addition to our efforts to spread information about scholarly works, we also provide publishers with the abstracts and metadata we create for inclusion in their internal workflows and marketing efforts.

The following options are available:

ProtoView Basic

For each title, we create a summary abstract, full bibliographic information, and added metadata, including Ringgold Identifier and ISNI for the publisher, Ringgold keywords and subjects (used in COUNTER), and links to the publisher website. Abstracts and metadata are exported to the ProtoView distribution network for use in a wide range of user- and librarian-facing electronic discovery resources.  

ProtoView Plus

All the features of ProtoView Basic, plus Table of Contents, and DOIs (when available from the publisher).  

ProtoView Premium

Expands ProtoView Plus to include summaries of all the chapters, their titles and page ranges, and a cover image of the book.

ProtoView Custom

A large selection of other options are available for expanded metadata in ProtoView. For custom, as well as all electronic options, please contact to learn more.

To participate:

Titles are submitted, either in print or electronically, along with any existing metadata for those publishers participating in ProtoView Plus or Premium. Many publishers send print books to ProtoView automatically as they are published and/or have electronic editions pushed to our production servers. Request letters are emailed to publishers each month, but it is not necessary to receive a request before sending titles.

Print titles may be sent to:

Ringgold, Inc
7515 NE Ambassador Place
Suite A
Portland, OR 97220

For Licensees

Why license ProtoView content? ProtoView provides detailed, advance information about scholarly books and e-books. Each ProtoView contains enhanced uniform metadata and a thorough, unbiased abstract of the title. We also include an archive of abstracts of more than 250,000 print titles along with selected metadata. ProtoView content can be applied by third parties in many ways:

•   Expand records within aggregated databases
•   Utilization in cataloguing services
•   To enhance information on book and e-book sales platforms
•   Insertion into bibliographic databases
•   Enrichment of bibliographic library records

For details of what is included in a ProtoView record, please see the Metadata page. If you would like more information about licensing ProtoView, please contact us.