Clean, accurate metadata, meaningfully applied, is essential to the successful operation of the supply chain. If the metadata is incorrect, or in the wrong place, it becomes useless and the information it’s connected to becomes invisible.

ProtoView was created to solve this problem. We create effective metadata for books, chapters, and other content that is eminently usable by discovery services and within the publisher’s own workflow, ensuring that information is transmitted efficiently.

The ProtoView abstract is the key ingredient added to every title we touch. Industry research has shown a direct link between the presence of an abstract and increased sales and circulation.  When users make a search, it is important that they discover substantial content quickly. By having the ProtoView abstract appear with the title, users are far more likely to select the title for use and purchase.

You can see examples of the metadata we create at To see a full schema of the metadata we can provide, here is a spreadsheet with all the elements: